Facebook Advertising

We use Facebook’s powerful ad platform to connect people who need your products or services and see your business as a solution to those needs.

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We Post For You

Social media isn’t a fad and it’s not going away. People are not only using it for socializing but also for searching. Stay competitive by making sure your business stands out.

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Online Presence Auditing

This comprehensive review across eight categories of your online presence will highlight your strengths and weaknesses. With the results of the ON SCORE, we have a solid foundation to focus on what you need to grow your business through digital media.

Five Star First

Our Five Star Review plan transforms your customers into the best sales team.  This plan is essential for any restaurant or personal service company that uses Yelp.

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Facebook Advertising

You’ve seen Facebook ads. It might have even stopped you from scrolling on and got you to click to another website. Maybe you even considered it for your business but words like “targeting” and “bidding” made you feel nervous. Well, we’ve put in the time and resources to find out what works so you don’t have to.

Split testing. We use split testing to know exactly what visual, messaging, and call-to-action jives most with your customer. This way, we can ensure you’re getting the most of out of your ad investment.

Target your audience.  We will research your customers and competitors  to determine the best group to target for the specific ad you want to run.

Create newsfeed ads.  We design eye-catching images and videos combined with enticing headline, details, and call-to-action to transform your target audience into customers.  

Create Messenger ads: With an 80% open rate, Messenger is the newest marketing tool businesses are jumping on to.  This is another to way to transform your target audience into customers.

Generate new leads. We set up giveaways, contests, and offers to generate buzz and new leads.

Create email list and sales funnel.  We use email and sales funnel strategy to convert interests into purchases.

Report monthly. We are focused on getting results. We will give you detailed reports to show how each ad performed.

We Post For You

Manage existing or creating social media accounts. Not all platforms are created equal. We focus on the ones that are important for your business (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

 Get more fans. We leverage ad strategies and great content to make you popular!

Create content. We post images, videos, jokes, quotes, and links to craftly plug in your business.

Post daily. We figure out when is the right time to post and post daily so you to fuss with it.

Engage fans. We respond to comments, questions, and reviews. This relationship building is key to customer retention and new leads.

Report monthly. We are focused on getting results. We will give you detailed reports of the engagement on your profiles and an updated ON SCORE.

Five Star First

Reviews are not always fun to manage. However, many trust online reviews as personal recommendations and therefore should not be overlooked. We’ll take the driver seat so you can get back to doing what you like to do.

Monitor reviews.  We stay on top of your reviews and build relationships with reviewers through direct messaging.

Build goodwill.  We build a customer feedback loop to help your business improve and an early warning system that keeps your online reputation safe.

Manage reputation. We work with you to devise a gameplan complete with direct and public messaging to respond to lesser reviews.

Report monthly. We will give you detail reports to show rating changes, highlights, and areas to improve.

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